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Haunted Places in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Hauntings

Alton - Alton Town Hall - People have reported that they have heard heavy footsteps walking around, Furniture moving on its own, also reported hearing doors open and hearing voices when they are there alone.

Concord - Chuck's Steak House - voices are heard in the dining room and kitchen.

Concord - Margarita's Mexican Restaurant - It used to be a jail.. they still have the jail cells. The staff have heard voices and have seen furniture and table decorations being moved and have put a plate down one place turn their back and see it in another spot with nobody around.

Concord - Siam Orchid Thai Restaurant - Glasses have been seen moving across the tables. Voices heard in the dining room and kitchen. People that live above the restaurant hear things late at night.

Concord - Old State Mental Hospital - Have witnessed footsteps, elevators starting on their own,papers and files being pushed off of desks, cold spots, every hair on the back of my neck raised, and that feeling that your not alone when you know that you are.

Conway - Stark Road - There is a grave yard on left hand side of road at night the grave yard glows and you see two big red eyes they follow you all the way up or down Stark Road

Dover - The Dover Mills - next to the Cocheco River - Many years ago the mill caught on fire. A lot of it burned down and many people died in the mills.20Now when you are just standing outside of it after dark, when everyone is gone and all the offices are closed, you can see strange lights coming from higher-level rooms. You also hear very strange noises, which can be identified as machines turning on and off. At first they are quieter but when listening for about five minutes, one very loud machine turns on. If you look in a few of the basement windows, you can see one light on in the whole basement. No one goes down there all day and no one goes in at night because the basement entrance is blocked off, but a light is always on. When entering the building in either of the two towers, if you are to sit on the stairs alone, you can hear faint noises, which are undetermined, however, there is no one else in the tower to create such noises.

Eaton Center - Sunset - Beach-Woods-"Uncle Milt's Place" - a grave stone. Lots of orbs and white mists. A demon dog at one part of the woods will give chase. It was a Boy's Camp. Now it's an abandoned ghost town. With lots of cellar holes. At one part of the woods you can get really lost like a maze where nothing looks familiar. Once there was grave stones in there but people took them like a long time ago. You can hear growling. And be careful of quick sand

Exeter - Lindenshire Trailer Park - There is an old pilot who said there used to be a graveyard on the land where the trailer park now rests. On the eastern half of the trailer park, there have been ghost sightings and other weird occurrences. There was a bleeding light bulb, with real blood dripping from it, and there are reports of eyes floating in a nearby stretch of woods called the Hobo Jungle which there have also been reports of satanic activity in.

Gilford - Kimball Castle - Witnesses report a strong feeling of a presence, & seeing a ghost in the kitchen of the carriage house, and this happened quite often. The caretaker reports he would leave the heavy mahogany door open for light and all of a sudden, the door was shut. The door is very heavy, not even wind could move it. He also said that the light in Mrs. Kimball's sewing room would mysteriously go on and the a while later it would go off.

Hampton Beach - Island Path Road - In the late 1600's Hampton was the scene of the second greatest witch hunt of the era. The hysteria of Salem had boiled over into this sleepy fishing community with a population of less than 300. Goodwife Eunece Cole lived at the end of the road by the water. She is said to have cursed a group of mariners who were taunting her. Upon the mariners return to the Isle of Shoals ( Rugged outcropping of islands 7 miles from Hampton), a great storm blew up sank the boat and they were never seen again. Goody Cole was convicted of witchcraft for laying the curse. She was not executed for her crimes but was forced to pay a heavy fine. She died in her home a few years later. Her body was removed and buried with a stake through her heart. Her body was dug up and moved many times. For the past 300 years she has been haunting the residents of the street. It is never spoken of. Figures appear in the Fog, Lights Flicker, objects moved and livestock cats will go missing.

Hanover - Dartmouth College - Alpha Theta - Likely due to the untimely deaths of fraternity brothers and their unidentified female "companions" due to a boiler explosion and fire in the house many decades ago, specters have been seen and the presence of spirits detected in various parts of the house. Hot spots are primarily in and around the remaining original structure - the house basement.

Henniker - Ocean-Born Mary House - Believed to be haunted by Mary Wallace. The apparition of a six-foot-tall woman, with red hair and flashing green eyes started to appear in the upstairs windows or on the central staircase. Some even saw Mary’s ghost riding through the hills in a phantom coach drawn by four horses. Her apparition was often seen in the yard, throwing something down the well. Many of them reported feeling the presence of Ocean-Born Mary. Her ghost was once seen helping family members repair a garage during a fierce storm, and several subsequent owners believe her presence protects the house from harm. Recently two New
Hampshire State Troopers Reported seeing the specter a tall, red-haired woman wearing colonial clothing crossing=2 0the road just below the old mansion.

Hillsboro - Bear Hill Road - this place is on Bear Hill road it is a very old house, most of the kids call it "the plague house" a long time ago people who were infected with the plague virus or any other virus that people couldn’t cure, they would leave them in that house to die. They took the bodies out in the woods and buried them deep so that animals wouldn’t get to them and spread the virus. soon after they took the bodies out, they too would die themselves and fall where ever they landed. Now you can see what everyone calls "the white ghost" it will come around only when you do, also how can you forget the painful moans and screams. nobody goes there except for kids it is not patrolled by anyone, so beware...

Hollis - Pine Hill Rd Cemetery - It is haunted by a family who was murdered in the late 18 hundreds. Sometimes you can see the ghost of a little boy who was on of the murdered children standing in the road trying to flag people down for help.

Keene - Keene State College - Huntress Hall - Harriet Huntress is said to roam the attic and fourth floor of Huntress. In her later years she had to use a wheelchair to get around, and some say you can hear the wheels scraping against the floor. The wheelchair is still in the attic.

Laconia - Colonial Theater - People that worked there have told of many tales of hearing people run ning around the building and hearing voices coming from all over the building. It is from around the turn of the 20-century.

Laconia - Old Streetcar Place - It was a large factory where streetcars for all over the United States were made. It currently houses a restaurant and a medical store down stairs and State government offices and services on the second floor. The first floor has never had any reporting of any unusual activity. The second floor, however has had several incidents witnessed by some of the workers who would stay after hours at night at work late. The most common things heard was the sound of footsteps, coughs and the murmur of voices that would suddenly start at the time that this shift would be coming in. Telephones would some times ring but there would be only static on the line. You could hear doors opening and shutting in this open concept offices building. No one liked to work alone at night there.

Litchfield - Darrah Pond ( Roy Memorial Park) - There have been sightings of a young boy asking for help in the murky water. This happens on cool nights in the summer months. Police patrol so be careful.

Litchfield - Griffin Memorial School - There has been reported a reappearing ghost sighting outside the baseball field at GMS. It is thought to be a young kid that hung himself off the fence around the baseball field. He is seen on warm nights where the stars shine bright. The janitors report hearings of desks moving in other rooms and when they investigate they find the desks and chairs rearranged in a circular pattern.

Litchfield - Litchfield Middle School - Litchfield Middle School is said to be haunted by Bloody Mary. A long time ago their were two girls in the locker room who were brutally murdered no one knows how, now it is said that if you go to the Girl's Locker Room with the lights turned off you will see her ( bloody Mary ) a woman in black with a green outline BEWARE!!

Madison - Ward hill - Former site of mental hospital. On the full moon u can see a light shining under the moon. The light is that of a lantern of a volunteer worker who was murdered there.

Manchester - Hesser College - It is believed that a number of ghosts roam the halls of Hesser College. One of the spirits is the ghost of a young boy who bounces his ball around the third and fourth floors. Many people have heard him, but when they go to investigate, the boy disappears and the bouncing ball sound vanishes. Students have also reported hearing the sound of a wet finger running down their window and eerie blue eyes staring at them. Legend states that a young girl died of hypothermia and attempted to write help on the window. The back stairwell that goes down by the administration offices is haunted. Also, there is a lady that walks the 5th floor in high heels (you hear the tapping of the heals) the floor is carpeted. The little boys fa ce (profile view)is imprinted in the study lounge on the 4th floor.

Manchester - RG Sullivan Building - The building is an old cigar factory that used child labor. You can hear children crying in the building and doors will slam shut on their own.

Manchester - River Road - on river rd there is a ghost jogger that runs down river road every Halloween night at 1:45 a.m. The ghost looks like a normal person. He will not look or talk to you. GOOD LUCK ITS REALLY CREEPY!!!!

Manchester - Saint Anselm College - Alumni Hall - Supposedly a monk committed suicide by jumping from a fourth floor window. He has been seen wandering the halls of the fourth floor and sometimes lights flicker in the windows.

Manchester - St Joseph Jr High - apparently a while back there was a nun that was on the balcony and fell off. You can sometimes hear talking coming from the auditorium when there is no one there.

Manchester - Youth Detention Center Abandoned Building - Separated from the rest of the youth detention center facilities is an older brick building in a small field surrounded by woods. Not only are all possible entrances boarded up tight, but all holes through which one could even peer inside the place have been sealed in one manner or another. There have been reports of odd humming noises and other faint sounds coming from inside, and some people who have forcibly removed boards from windows to look in side reported seeing an odd, dim light. Noises are mainly reported to come from the basement entrance, which seemed to be locked up most heavily.

Merrimack - Hannah jack tavern - employees have reported strange noises at night and figures walking past open doorways, that can only be seen in the corner of one's eye. the tavern is an original structure in Merrimack at the corner of continental blvd, and dw highway, it is now a restaurant.

Milford - The Burns House - image of little girl seen in window upstairs, house abandoned for many years. Picture taken by several different students from Milford high school. High quality cameras...indisputable image of little girl looking east from the second floor window.

Milford - Lorden plaza - Reports of an apparition of a man clearly during the day dressed in blue jeans with a plaid flannel shirt and a Stanley tape measure on his belt walk straight up the strip and disappeared into, or through, a solid piece of plywood.

Nahua - Blood House\Blood cemetery on Indian Rock Road - Back along time ago there was a house built next to a cemetery. A family lived there but one night there was someone who broke into the house and the whole family was killed, yet the youngest of the family which was a little boy was running out of the house until he ran into the road hoping for someone to be there to help him unfortunately he was shot in the back. Now in our times a lot of=2 0youths like to travel that road at night and sometimes the little boy can be seen on the side of the road and or will jump out in front of your car looking for help, you can see the tire marks from all the times he has jumped in from of the cars. Not only may you see a little boy but also there are clots out there that like to have that cemetery for where they meet.

Nashua - Country Tavern - the ghost of Elizabeth Ford haunts her former home.

Nashua - Gilson Rd Cemetery - Many sightings of 'misty people' have been reported. It is said that if you walk from the front entrance to the middle, you feel like you're wading in water. Park the car across the street and it'll feel like you're being pushed back from the cemetery. Stand at the perimeter and you can hear voices from the back, right-hand corner. Tombstone dates go back as far as the early 1800's. A black hooded figure has been seen on several occasions. - December 2003 - There are also areas around this cemetery, in the woods, and also where the new homes that are built, that are haunted. There have been many, many things that have happened in this area. There are glittering seen in many places in the woods, as well as scary sounds and shadows. Peoples voices seem to be heard, but not understood. You can hear things, assumed un-human, moving around in the area. Horses and dogs sometimes shy at different areas both day & night or refuse to go anywhere near some areas. Some of the older homes have unexplained things happen in them, glasses breaking as you reach for them, cold spots, and doors and windows that open for no reason, or that will not stay closed. The Elementary school has sports fields that are very close to the cemetery, and things have been seen and heard in this fields at all times. There is also the saying that someone or something watches over this area! It has been seen by kids just inside the woods or crossing the fields and roads in the area at rare times of the day or night.

Nashua - Indian Rock Road - Indian Rock Road is a dark and wooded road about five miles from Pine Hill Cemetery. The road leads to a meadow, which is a popular hangout for local youths. When walking along Indian Rock Road, one experiences cold spots and the intense feeling of being watched by some malevolent force. The woods seem as if they are about to swallow the road whole.

Nashua - The 2 dollar movie theatre - In the Theater and the parking lot, where several kills have taken place, the atmosphere is said to electrically charge.

New London - Colby-Sawyer College - Colby Dorm - Many people hear footsteps at night, rattling brass doorknobs and mysterious gusts of wind when there's no doors or window's open.

New London - Colby-Sawyer College - Colgate building - A dark male figure with a hat sometimes is seen leaning over a railing or walking around the tower. People cl aim that after a few seconds the man disappears into thin air.

New London - The Old Academy - Footsteps, running water, and voices can be heard inside the old academy when no one else is around. The ghost is said to be a member of the Colby family.

Newton - Cathy's Cottage - It is believed that two little children and one adult haunt this small cottage. They like to open the refrigerator door, turn lights off and on, and pound on the basement door among other things. There are cold spots in the house, particularly in the first bedroom. At night, whispers can be heard.

Newton - old trolley line - There used to be an old trolley that ran through this town on it's way to Hampton from MA in the early 1900s. There's nothing left now and houses are being built up on it. Everyone who ever visited commented on how uneasy they felt, as if they were being watched from the woods a few feet away.

Plymouth - Plymouth State University - Blair Residence Hall - was built in the 1960's and is believed to be haunted by a male spirit. rumor is he was the lover of Mary Lyon.

Plymouth - Plymouth State University - Mary Lyon Residence Hall - built in the 1800’s. Rumored to be haunted. There is said to be a girl who haunts the basement of Mary Lyon, and she is supposedly a very malicious spirit. Students who venture down to the basement at night report feeling an extremely strong nega tive energy, as well as a feeling that drives them to leave the basement as quickly as possible. Mary Lyon is also in the under ground tunnels on this side, believed to possibly trying to meet up with her lover on the Blair Residence side.

Plymouth - Plymouth State University - Samuel Read Hall - Residence Hall - Rumored to be haunted. Not known if the spirit is male or female. Feels of not being alone.

Portsmouth - Chase Home - There have been many occurrences over the years. The house was originally built in the late 19th century and was a home for orphaned children and then became a court appointed children's home in the past few decades. A young girl who hung herself in her dorm room has been seen in the hallway late at night and when she is approached she runs down the hall and disappears. There are also screams of a young girl in the girl's dorm late at night. The third floor, formerly used for counselors who lived at the home, has been empty for years but footsteps can still be heard walking and running towards the stairs and then they stop. On at least one occasion when staff was in the kitchen discussing ghosts and they shut off the lights the ceiling fans turned on. The only switch for the fans is on the other side of the kitchen 20 ft. away. Locked doors are mysteriously unlocked and opened when the only people that have a key to them are not and have not been in the house that day.

Portsmouth -20New Hampshire Community Technical College on Pease - Pease International Trade port used to be Pease Air Force Base, and they converted an old hospital into the Community Technical College. Reports are that the upper two floors are haunted. They aren't used for classes, and the elevator stops to them have been disabled, but there have been reports of lights being turned on and off, footsteps being heard, and apparitions being seen on the rare occasion that someone does go up there.

Rindge - Franklin Pierce College - The Manor - At the turn of the century, what most know today as The Manor, was previously a brothel run by a woman named Edna McGuinness. McGuinness hung a large portrait of herself in the stairwell leading to the second floor. When McGuinness passed away the building was sold but the portrait was never taken down. During the late 1990's an employee of the college was cleaning the manor after a banquet and heard a piano playing. However, there had not been a piano in The Manor for many years. The employee went searching for the noise and didnt come across anything unusual until she walked by the stairwell and saw the apparition of a woman holding a baby in her right hand walking down the stairs. The woman was wearing a glowing dress and humming. To this day students and faculity members have seen and heard very strange things in and around The Manor. Some say McGuinness can be seen looking out the 2nd story window towards Pearly Pond.

Ro chester - Hi-Vu Motor In Room#1 - The feeling of someone watching you is over whelming. The walls bang when the lights are out and there is coldness throughout the room.

Rochester - Kelly's Gymnastics - Downstairs in the basement, you feel like you are being watched and that you are not alone. Even when there's no gymnastics going on upstairs, you hear banging type noises.

Rye - Ray's Seafood - There is a woman named "Goldie" who haunts the top floor of the restaurant. She is known to open windows when they are locked. One night when the owners children were in the bar sneaking drinks she made the phone ring several times..
She also made the glasses shake, until they left.

Sanbornton - Steele Hill Resort - There is a man wandering the halls and offices in the Corporate office. Several people have heard and seen this man. He is heard walking up and down the stairs and seen opening doors and windows. Often he walks through the halls

Strafford - Bow Lake, and its surrounding areas - Screams, eerie moaning sounds, cries for help and for peoples names, yells that sound like they are from above in the air, strange swaying bright lights coming from the woods, odd objects and noises and shadows in the woods, and sunlight at midnight to 3:15 am, are all things commonly reported by the residents.

Temple - Old Daycare - Old daycare on main road. The people who ran it murdered the children and buried them in the basement. Haunted by the spirits of the murdered children.

Twin Mountain - The Mount Washington Hotel - Haunted by Princess Caroline She writes on walls.

Twin Mountain - The Mount Washington Hotel - The Lobby - There's a little Feral Girl.

Twin Mountain - The Mount Washington Hotel - Madison Room - You can Hear Babies Crying.

Twin Mountain - The Mount Washington Hotel - Room 206 -A Malevolent lady is believed to haunt this room.

West Chesterfield - Madame Cheries - Stone spiral stair case, fire place on a cement foundation in which the Madmen lived some
people say that this place has an estimated death toll of over 178 people. - December 2003 Update - The public is allowed there until dark. Also Madame Cherie ghost is supposedly protects her buried treasure, even though in her will, if you find it, it's yours.

West Chesterfield - Riverside motel - Reports of seeing flishing lights, hearing a baby crying, and a loud screeching sound.

Wiers Beach - Nothin' Fancy, Mexican bar and grill -Woman's voice heard in the kitchen and dining area, doors mysteriously unlock and open. Figure seen in 2nd floor hallway near back porch door.

Weirs Beach - Winnipesaukee Marketplace - The Winnipesaukee Marketplace dates back to the 1880's where it used to be the Lakeside Inn. Employee's and tourists who have stayed in there as well as locals have said they have felt cold spots, intense energy fields, it feels as though your not alone. On a good night especially on a full moon you can see a hanged man in the middle window on the top floor. Assumed suicide or was it? Also there is a woman who is the former owner of the place she only appears and talks to certain people. I have seen both woman and man and the man is very distinguished in features I only have seen his face briefly. Dark cold eyes as if mad at the world. He is the one who does most of the ghostly activities such as throwing light cover utensils, objects get misplaced, and lights have been seen on in building when no one has been near it.

Wilton - Vale Cemetery - "The Blue Lady" - They say that a ghost named Mary haunts the cemetery. People have seen blue lights rise from her grave and then slowly sinks back in. Lots of cold spots and you see a bunch of black shadows and once and a while plasma.

Windham - Numero's Mexican Restaurant - Reports of footsteps in the attic, apparitions on the second floor, the lights will turn on and off & silverware jumps off the table inexplicably. - Update - October 2003 - Numero Unos restaurant in Windham has been demolished and a new building has been built. There are no occupants at this time, but it's built for a business. A gas station has been built beside it.

Wolfeboro - The Tuc Me Inn - Voices and footsteps20heard at night. Doors closing and the piano in the main lobby playing by it self. (It is not a "player" piano.)